Southside Watt

Southside Watt

Southside Watt, a Charlotte, NC-based band, is a vibrant fusion of eclectic musical styles that captivates audiences with their infectious energy and dynamic performances. Formed in the heart of the South, this band embodies the spirit of its region while pushing the boundaries of blues, country and rock genre conventions.

Led by frontman and lead vocalist, Stephen Wilfong, whose soulful voice serves as the cornerstone of the band’s sound, Southside Watt delivers a powerful sonic experience that seamlessly blends elements of roots, blues, country, and rock. Stephen’s emotive lyrics and electrifying stage presence draw listeners into a world where raw emotion and musical prowess collide.

Complementing Stephen’s vocals is the masterful guitar work of Caleb Davis, whose intricate riffs and blistering solos add layers of depth and intensity to the band’s compositions. Calebs’s virtuosity on the guitar is matched only by his passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional rock music.

The rhythm section of Southside Watt, comprised of mandolinist and banjo player Shawn Wilfong, bassist Patrick “P Funk” Faulkner and drummer Dillon “Groove” Blythe, provides a solid foundation upon which the band builds its infectious grooves. Shawn’s soulful mandolin and banjo licks coupled with Funk’s funky bass lines and Groove’s tight, dynamic drumming create a rhythmically dynamic backdrop that propels the band’s sound forward with irresistible momentum.

Together, Southside Watt delivers electrifying live performances that leave audiences breathless and begging for more. With their unique blend of musical influences and unwavering commitment to their craft, Southside Watt is poised to make a lasting impact on the music scene, both locally in Charlotte and beyond.