Are You Planning to Ride the Light Rail?

We know that a lot of our out-of-town fans (and possibly some of the locals who don’t come downtown often) may have some questions about how to get the most out of this great transportation option while you’re in town!

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It’s important to note that these passes are non-refundable and will only be active during the specified dates. So, if you want to enjoy the convenience of stress-free transportation and immerse yourself fully in the fest experience, don’t wait – grab your passes now!

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Important Details

  • The festival sits in between the 7th Street and 9th Street stations.
  • Trains WILL BE RUNNING before and after the festival.
  • Attendees can park outside of the city and easily ride the light rail into the festival.

Find Your Station Schedule

Option A: Use the CATS App

  1. Download the CATS App
  2. On the Home page, under “Events” section, click the button for Lovin’ Life Music Fest
  3. Click the “Take Me There” button to find directions to the nearest CATS station.

Option B: Use the CATS Website

  1. Go to the official CATS rail schedule on their website. Click Here
  2. Add in the search criteria:
    • For Route drop down, make sure the “501 – Light Rail – Lynx Blue Line” is selected.
    • If you’re traveling SOUTH into the city (or southbound out of the city) select “I-485/S.Blvd. Station” or select “UNC Charlotte Main Station” if you’re traveling NORTH into the city (or northbound out of city).
    • Select either “Weekdays,” “Saturday,” or “Sunday” for the day drop-down
    • Click “Show Schedule”
  3. Use the table displayed under the map to find the projected arrival times. Each column represents a different station. The two stations closest to the festival are the 7th St and 9th St stations.

Hours of Operation

The latest pickup from downtown for the light rail is approximately 1:15AM for southbound travelers, and 1:30AM for northbound travelers. However, we strongly advise, attendees arrive at the light rail station at least 30-60 minutes prior to the last train. Trains run approximately every 30 minutes from each stop.

For riding in, trains begin as early as 5:20 am (depending on your departing station), but run throughout the day and a new train arrives typically every 20-30 minutes.

Still have questions?

Call CATS customer service at 704-336-RIDE.

LYNX Blue Line Map

Click the map below to enlarge.